Wednesday, 1 October 2008

"Without my hat,

I'm just your garden variety six-foot tall talking cat" Know how the cat from Croydon I mean the cat in the hat feels? If you do and fancy some head gear but you're not excited by the prospect of a beanie or a New Era we may have something for you. I'll show you what we've had turn up..

The grandad hat style is called Hooligan. The hat with a button on top, the old Shier style hat is called a brood. Here are all the hats pictured the other way round..

Dan was stoked on the next style we had in. It's a sick hat but may have an unfortunate name. Become acquainted with The Fiddler..

We're always asked for military type caps. Now we have these, Stockwell locals best venture into town..

If the Brixton logo appeals but a mesh cap floats your boat more than the other, guess what we have..

These are all £24.95. If you want to know more about the brand visit the site..

As well as imitating American's this morning Neil Chester dropped this mag in..

It's Canadian, thought I'd get these photos out to you so you have a chance to see them. Here's Canadian flow rider Kevin Lowry doing a fakie 5-0 revert,,

Smithy has a good one, ollie the gap to frontside nosebluntslide...

Jensen has an amazing back smith photo..

Brady does a backtail revert on a grotty brick bank..

Vaughan Baker borrows Maurice Key's brain and nollie inward heelflips to frontside noseslide..

This photo's first but I saved it till last. Chewy Cannon with a landmark at a landmark. Switch feeble grind at Moorgate...

Phew, that's nearly me done on the first day back. My friend Jay's project second son has a pop up store in the East..

Pay them a visit. I leave you with a Hops image lurking in the camera..

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