Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"it's all in the hips"

Yesterday was a slow burner, a good one. The day's entertainment began just down the hill from The Mighty Cougar's layer at the 9 hole pitch and putt course. My brother and I tee'd off before mid-day. It was a personal best for me, I finished the nine holes in 34 shots. For those statisticians of you out there that means I finished each hole in 3.77777 shots. I blame that .7 recurring on bad putting. The nine holes made me hungry for a pub lunch which turned out to be an error. My food arrived, I had ordered a cheeseburger. Whilst taking my first bite I was reminded me of a Denny's I had eaten in Canada. It was this taste which caused vomiting to occur in T minus 60 seconds. Whilst this memory ricocheted around my brain and the never to be touched again burger hit the plate my eyes spied a Wimpy opposite. Insult to injury. You can't get it right all the time.
The local skatepark got a visit from Laidlow and myself and a special guest. Dave Minns as he has been reminded more than once is an O.G. Dave's confusion has been evident each time, he doesn't even like Ice-T. Dave was one of the original members of..

The B.S.P began in 1983. The same Bromley Skate Posse was joined by Laidlow in 1985. Having not skated for about ten years it was nice to see Dave get involved straight away with bastard plants and rock and rolls in no time! I gave Jon no info other than a special male Caucasian guest would make an appearance, arriving in a car. It was a nice surprise and hopefully there'll be more days out with a Minns in attendace

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