Friday, 5 September 2008

Appetite for destruction

The last week has been an appetite sandwich shop rinse out. My advice is avoid the Cornish pasty. Anyone in their right mind would do anyway. I'm pretty sure my appetite is going to investigate eateries further afield even though it's proximity and prices make it a no brainer. There's an Independent tour on it's way, you've got a week or so to ready yourselves..

It's an impressive line up. Getting to see Stu Graham skate anywhere is a treat so make one of these destinations if you can. The news of this tour came in from John Joe today. Other things from Shiner we have here for you this weekend that haven't appeared before are these Baker boards..

The series looks crisp on the wall. Whilst on the subject where is Graham Baker? Graham was a no show last week but I'm sure he'll be in tomorrow or Sunday to pick up October's Thrasher magazine..

The colourful wooden letters Mark Ward used in his show have been re-arranged and played with recently. Faeces is spelt easily and you can guess the rest. Mike was sent down to change them back into saying we're the kids of America. He finished the task and was called out. Do you see a problem here?

Sterling work Mike. Lixo who played a set at the last Slam night dropped in a few Get ME tees which are on sale here now. Get Me is a night he puts on. The illustration on the shirt was done by our very own Rob Mathieson who is currently moonwalking through the mud at Bestival. The shirts come in two colours..

The letters are filled with some of Rob's hill-billy zombies you may have seen in Document's +1 supplement. Here's one of them eating a baby..

These are £24.95 and we only have a few so get involved. Mike's getting ready for his car boot sale. If you too fancy snapping up some bargains this weekend get yourself down to Toby Shuall's Suburban Bliss super sale..

Take care y'hear

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