Sunday, 14 September 2008

"If you want to save our world, you must hurry...

.. We don't know how much longer we can withstand the nothing"

..all that time you thought the luck dragon wasn't real. Guess who's back today. This guy..

Mr Shier greeted me at seven dials roundabout this morning. It's a flying visit but he's put in an admirable amount of Slam time already. Seth would be proud. The little feller to Paul's right is still Stateside. I've seen some shredding evidence on Shier cam on a filmer board. If you want to see Magee skating a mini ramp visit the Blueprint Black Glove blog and click on Friday 12th..

Hopefully there will be more Magee footage out there soon. There's talk of skating some legendary ledges later so maybe Dave episode 2 will have some fresh additions to log. Tom R+C Richardson has kindly sent us another image. This time it's Robbola launching himself over a hip.

He has a bird like stance here, the feathered kind. Word is Tom will be contributing more images to the Alley when he can so you can expect a higher standard of image in the future not the standard fodder from captain point and click (myself). Have a good roast, hopefully it'll have those little onions in it.

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