Monday, 8 September 2008

Just another manic Monday..

..not wishing it was Sunday though, I'm glad the next two days are mine to do as I will. The 3 Amigos today. Myself, Jackson and Hops. Hops is making balloon animals, Jackson is juggling and I'm peddling squirty flowers. Cruiser boards aplenty left the store this weekend gone. My favourite was this Phil Frost Shut board with the Zip Zinger wheels..

Maybe you'll see it zoom past you at light speed somewhere on your travels. I enjoyed a good meal last night at the Croydon park hotel. They do a Sunday evening carvery. The beef was delicious. The hotel is just around the corner from Fairfield halls. Fairfield halls has been celebrated by Adam over at Drawing Boards ...

..and so has the one legged pigeon. This board has just dropped and will soon be available to buy. Upon arriving home I took down one of my recently purchased dvd's..

It's pretty good. Written and directed by Luke Wilson with the feel good factor of a film like Bottle Rocket. It's about a paroled convict whose work placement upon release is at a care home for the elderly. Luke Wilson's charcter Wendell discovers that his brother Owen's character Neil is up to no good and the film is about him trying to help the folks in the home and win back his girlfriend Doreen played by Eva Mendes from the local grocer played by Will Ferrel. It has an all star cast by all accounts, even Kris Kristofferson is in it. Talking of paroled convicts check out this guy..

Guilty as charged but still roaming the streets. They fall for that suit and tie scam every time.


Paul Gonella said...

Worth remembering that the hotel also has a bar open until crazy a.m. in the morning.

In a weird alignment of the stars, a while back Rayman and I saw Eva Mendes walking through Covent Garden a stones throw from Slam. I'm claiming I got a look. Not 'the look' but 'a look'. Claiming that until my deathbed

Unknown said...

Puleo, Jahmal and I saw Tracy Morgan in midtown tonight while shredding about. It was out front of the red-carpet affair for the new DeNiro and Pacino film. Mass fans were waiting around to see Robert and Al but as we skated up we noticed Tracy immediately but all the fans hadn't the slightest clue.
So sick. I did a no-comply in a feeble attempt to impress him, but he didn't see it, damnit.
In case you've been on Jupiter for the past 10 years, here is some proof of how rad a T.M. spotting is: