Saturday, 6 September 2008

Return of the Mack..

..our own Mack daddy is back doing good and looking fly. Luigi lets that Slam hoody work it's magic on the ladies not too far from home..

Unfortunately his birthday celebrations this thursday coming are not too far from home either. Think it's a Kingston bday bash this Thursday coming so it may have to be a Friday flip side respect paying from my end. The man himself just walked in with our lunch for today. What's it to be..

I'm backing this bill-board statement completely. Best food on Earth! As I told Luigi and Hops earlier who were arguing that it's grade F chicken. It's actually phenomenal chicken. Top tier lunch today. Graham Baker gave me a call earlier to see if I'd re-thread some axles for him. Of course I would was my response. I wasn't quite sure of this tasks enormity until the bag unleashed these bad boys..

Which were accompanied by all kinds of other debris..

He left with a quiver of fully operational hangers. Strapped! I fixed some old Gullwing base plates for him too. For no other reason than his presence being missed on the Alley here's a picture of Neil and his friend Chalky from his birthday bash a few weeks back...

Get those lunches out Neil!

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admin said...

cheers for the last of the mohicans dvd
more ghetto snacks on the way soon.
peace from the north east