Sunday, 7 September 2008

The rain poured down..

..on South London. It was a quiet evening permeated by the pleasant noises of the Wonk Unit and then later by other punk bands. All was well with me in the South but I sensed a disturbance in the force..

...uncannily I knew the baron was up to something in central London. He'd stopped off on his way home without telling anyone. That can always spell trouble. My suspicions were confirmed when..

I think the secret recipe acquired may have been chilli sauce and I'm pretty sure Captain Crunch and his army could not have stopped the Baron taking this down..

Saturday night kebab-gunshot! I could play it all cool and pretend that post was just an after thought, a little yarn I absent mindedly spun. The reality is the Transform-a-snack images have been lurking in the Alley cam since I got back from Cornwall. Dan picked the crisps up at the first garage we visited. They've been burning a hole in my blog logging fingers waiting for input from Neil. I'd like to tell you the kebab was followed by a box of celebrations but can't be sure. Glad they're out there.

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