Thursday, 4 September 2008

No Aloha

Had a good skate yesterday afternoon and then took in the Breeders show in Shepherds Bush. There was a turn out for it. Gareth, Sam, Hops and Tamsin and Dan, Hattie and Claire. The show was amazing, such a good sound they have. Kim Deal's voice never fails to impress me. She could be my favourite female vocalist..

It wasn't just a vehicle for the new album either, they played a lot of stuff from the older albums. If you aren't familiar with their work, pick up any one of these albums. I'm backing them..

My advice is start at the start and pick up a copy of Pod. They're playing at Bestival this weekend so Dan, Steve, Rob, Charlie, Felix and Nugget will hopefully not manage to miss them but in all actuality probably will. Mj Fox is away this weekend too, luckily I have four new dvd's and a history of the Sicilian Mafia to take in. The dvd's are as follows-The Untouchables, Goodfellas ( see a pattern emerging?). The other two lighten the load, they are You, Me and Dupree and The Wendell Baker story..

..I bought this blind on the basis of the Wilson brothers involvement. If these lighten the load considerably I've got the Soprano's last season to finish off thanks to Jagger. I took a breather from the three episodes a night after getting in at midnight regularly and still filling the quota. Normal service will resume shortly. If you're short of a dvd to watch we have a treat for you this weekend. A box showed up today from Joe Perrin filled with..

..I watched a bit of the Fred Gall section already and it's sick!! I'm going to give it some proper attention when I can. From what I've caught it's a good one, liking the music too. Come and get one, they're £11.95. I saw this Prosthetic arm holding a parking ticket behind the windscreen of a car down Jon Laidlow's road and I liked it..

Arm to the leg, leg, arm to the head. See you all tomorrow, actually I probably won't you'll all be at Bestival.

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