Friday, 12 September 2008

Thursday market

The market I speak of was opposite the house I used to live in. Every wednesday the market traders would leave the wooden boards and tables out ready for the morning. Every Wednesday night we would climb the locked gates and build obstacles. One particular night which stands out in my memory we built a kind of banked mini ramp. It was about fifteen feet wide, an ambitious task. I probably spent ten minutes skating it having pitched in with the building work seeing as I had a 9.30 curfew at the time. Why am I telling you this? Last night the guy who taught me to ollie in that very car park and who was pivotal in all types of obstacle assembly and hi jinks met me for a drink. It was amazing to catch up and talk about the old times. Mr Hamed I thank you sir. Dust off that shred sled Neil.
Jess dropped us in these biscuits..

..apparently they're not ghetto. I've stopped listening to other people and they're being not ghetto means they taste delicious. They were enjoyed by all of us, thanks a lot Jess. Alfie dropped by and was pretty stoked on them too, he gave us some Mike and Ike's Rob just cracked open which were also appreciated. We had a drop of Fallen shoes this morning the delivery guy stealthed into the corner. Operating under the radar, they snuck up on us. These are the new shoes, some are a re-lick. All are available here and from the online store..

The Fallen premiere takes place in here on Monday. Get yourselves to the basement for a watch..

Whilst foraging in one of the many boxes of stuff here I found an old Rob Mathieson piece I've been looking for..

It's the old guard under Pizzer's reign. Lev holding down the hustle as always in the left hand corner. Sam Griffin lurking behind one of the longest and most useful points of sale we've ever had. Next is Henry Clay who is currently enjoying the sun shine in Barcelona. I'm next in the line up in the body warmer I lived in one winter, no idea why he's drawn me really small. Good old Pizzer standing in front of the very same machine I'm typing this on now while the ghost of Seth Curtis flies chain rattling through the window. The likenesses are uncanny as is the fact that Rob drew the store and evreyone in it from memory. He's a talented human being. He enjoyed a soup fest for lunch while Mike and myself worked our fingers to the bone so typing this has been painful. I've decided to recommend a novel for you to read. It's one I've enjoyed and passed on, if I ever see a copy on my travels through second hand stores or second hand book shops I pick it up. This way it's always there to pass on. I don't think I own a copy any more. I thought about it today on the way to work..

Get yourself a copy and have a read. If this isn't there buy his other novel Not Fade Away. Dodge has a good take on things..

"It just ain't possible to explain some things. It's interesting to wonder on them and do some speculation, but the main thing is you have to accept it-take it for what it is, and get on with your growing."

See you in the market after dinner.

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