Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Church on a tuesday

Thought I'd fill you in on my day off. Part one involved myself, Dom Marley and Jon Laidlow. The day's holy grail was your friend and mine The Harvester. Haven't had one for so long but remember the last time being a Grandmother mission. The Cawdor crescent residence was in close proximity to one so I took down quite a few at that stage in my life. Now that visits are less frequent it was quite exciting.
On our way in I was enticed into parting with money on one of those soft toy machines with the electronic hook. I got seriously close, if the pink cow I was going for hadn't velcro'd itself to a donkey I would have won the soft toy I neither want or need. The appeal of those things is just how satisfying it would be to see that toy roll in the prize door. It seems impossible to win, there's always next time. Quick meal run down. The salad cart was banging! Those crispy bacon bits are the nuts-so good! Opted for the surf and turf which is a favourite of mine and an obvious base coverer. Dom got a rotisserie chicken piece and used the barbecue sauce provided rather than getting the barbecue option on the menu and saved himself the princely sum of 50p, savvy. Jon got the burger and his meal cost half what mine did and looked just as good. He wasn't duped by the pink cow trick on the way through the door either. I'll learn one day.
The part of the day I hadn't banked on was the Skaterham trip which transpired. This is what the headline is all about. The skate park we went to is located in what was formerly the Caterham Army Barracks Chapel. It is frequented by the MIghty Cougar, Frank and Andy May on a tuesday. Tuesday is F.O.V day, the Federation of Vert. Jon and myself 119'd it to the Cougar's and along with Ash who was at the Cougar residence for a jam we hitched a lift in the mystery wagon to the Army Barracks chapel. There were a lot of people there, good Vert ramp action, scary roll in action and good surprise guests. These were John Gomez, Lee Stewart and the man of many hats. The man of many hats had a roll and then executed a smoke screen departure. I admire this technique, sometimes it's the only way to fly. It was good to see Lee killing it. Big old melons over the spine. Our host for the evening was Adam..

Pic lifted from the Skaterham site, apologies. Adam runs it, literally. He's been hurt but he gave the spine some fluid attention while we were there. If you pay the park a visit he'll most likely be the man accepting your sheckles and making sure you're looked after. It was good to get a skate in especially with such an epic crew and hopefully I'll attend more F.O.V outings in the future. Adam gave me the heads up on a new board he has coming out this week. Check out the drawing boards site to see what Adam's company is all about..

As soon as it's in it'll be on the site, it's one for the heads apparently. All I can taste are those crispy bacon bites.

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Howard said...

Man of many hats "Stuart Stephens " you mean ?? Ray Calthorpe's mate.