Thursday, 11 September 2008

Yard Sale

I did a regular persons week recently. The five days ended on monday which is why you haven't heard a peep from me. Skateboarding occurred on both of my days off which I am glad about. Tuesday involved skating in the rain at Cantelowes with Charlie which may sound bad to you but we had a whale of a time. Added danger equals double the fun. I followed that up with a private Playstation session with Dan and Frank. Good times. The private TF night was capped with sausage and mash at S+M. Winning!
Yesterday involved Jon L and Benji. I copped a £2.29 discount pizza express deal in Waitrose prior to leaving my house as well as picking up a Slits 7' and a random two tone one from my local charity shop. We missioned it over to Ladywell to skate the little council built park there. Bargains were in the air. Parking up we spied a sign saying Yard Sale in someone's front garden. I hopped out of Luigi (the car not our staff member) and skated off to the sale. First thing I picked up was an old eighties NY Giants NFL jacket. I'm always on the lookout for this sort of thing. My only purchase was the first thing I picked up and it set me back £5. None of your £50 vintage clothes shop malarkee. Jon found an old Hip Hop 12' and Benji found a polaroid camera. These were £1 and £2 respectively. The gods of thrift were smiling on us that day, I think the guy even gave Benji a screwdriver. Skateboarding was good for me, not for Benji who had a brand new air vent he had ripped in his new jeans. From waist to knee he was open and a fruitless search of Lewisham for replacement trousers meant the rip stole an hour from him too. After an amazing Indian meal I watched this old absolute classic..

"You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word" -Al Capone. If you have never seen it which I can't imagine you really should, "smoke em if you got em" Rob has been doctoring his Spitfire stickers...

..with the colours at hand he managed to make three of the four. From left to right, Raphael, Leonardo and Michelangelo. An absence of a purple sticker made Donatello impossible. Good work Rob! Following Toby's clearance sale at the weekend there is one of our own on the go in the store and also via mail order. If like me yesterday you have a keen eye for a bargain jump on this chance to pick up a Suburban Bliss shirt for a shockingly cheap £15. Have a look at them here..

Get them before they're gone. I know some of you will be reading this behind a desk somewhere and that the scenery may not be so hot. This is not the case for our web-lord Jackson. He can do his absolutely anywhere..

Beam those Suburban Bliss orders over to his main frame ASAP!

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