Tuesday, 16 September 2008

For I Shall Not Wipe

That is the last line from my favourite Cougar poem Cement. I heard another rendition last night at the windmill in Brixton. Never gets old that one. The cougar asked me when it will get old, I think there's plenty of life left in it still. The band we went to see were..

You've got it. The mighty Wonk Unit! It was a good show, they've been playing a lot recently and that shines through. It was a confident performance and it looked like the band was having fun. You'll get to see the boys at the next Slam party. The band who headlined were called Spookey. An all girl punk band, they too looked like they were having a lot of fun. Their outfits matched their instruments! Give them a listen here..


I didn't manage to make the Fallen video premiere. Skateboarding went on till late and there was just enough time to catch the Wonk. I've heard everyone had a good time here though. Cantelowes was a lot of fun with a good crew. The night before we had an early evening Kennington session and I picked up my favourite Ghetto Snack of choice from the local shop..

These are the lick in my opinion. Made by the same people who provided me with Tangy Toms all those years ago. There'd always be a pack in the blazer pocket. These are Red Mill's greatest work though. American cheeseburger flavour-what could be better? Only 15p too, magical stuff. One guy I know who'd appreciate these bad boys is back from his recent visit to Los Angeles. I'm sure he'll be disturbing pigeons on roof tops in no time..

This photo of Toddy greeted me this morning on a visit to my inbox. Another offering from the right honorable Thomas Richardson. It was accompanied by a joke which was enjoyed but could mislead my younger readership. I can't tell you how stoked I was on yesterday's "beer and weed all up in the belly go together like caps and Rob Selley" clip. Hope your week is panning out nicely

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