Sunday, 28 September 2008

"Guess who's biz-ack..

.. it's not beanie Siegal or J-Hov"

Yeah that's right. It's me, I'm back. I am in no way endorsing the above novel but it served it's purpose by letting you know my movements if the title hadn't. One book I am backing is this one..

This was the holiday book in my rucksack. Pretty heavy stuff. Part one in the last season of the Soprano's series will draw to a close this evening leaving me only the second of Jagger's loans left to get through. It's a tough call, do you ration them or do you gun three in a night? Answers on a postcard please although I think I like the idea of rationing that way the end is not so near. The holiday was enjoyable even though we experienced some inclement weather. Not just rain you understand but the kind of flooding which brings that which flows in the drains beneath up and out into the street. Stinking! That was just one bad day though all the others were really good. We were on the way back from here..

That's a waterfall not a flood. This place was fun, it was a 54 hole adventure golf course, we were literally playing the last hole when the rain came down and we'd been around it twice. Swimming in the sea was amazing, little fish which I think were anchovies swam all around us. We discovered later that if you held a Wotsit left over by the noisiest children on the Universe just beneath the water they would nibble out of your hand. I enjoyed that a lot. Also if you were to swim further out there was a Cormorant in the Bay. The long necked bird was oblivious to humans and went about it's business ducking it's long neck under the water. Have you ever seen one? They look like this..

I was psyched to see it zipping past and dunking it's head under the water but I'm sure those Wotsit fattened fish weren't. Further along the coast there was a square filled with Parakeets, they flocked to any food left out. They were my favourite and they were fairly tame too. I liked watching them pick up pieces of bread with their feet and eat it with their heads cocked to the side while they watched your every move with beady eyes. I'll give you one more piece of holiday info. We found a little Mexican place called...

..which did some seriously spicy Enchiladas! Back now on home turf with a couple of days off with which to skate, as far as the Alley is concerned the normal nonsense will resume. Buenos dias

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