Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Man down

After today we are going to be a serious man down. New York is housing Rob right now and after tomorrow this guy will be back there..

We're going to miss you Mike, you better get that job in and plan your return. Weeks back a package arrived from France housing this and I'm sure it never made the Alley..

Claire sent it to us from France. It hasn't been tested yet, we aren't equipped with a can opener. I brought in some old tapes for Jensen today, he needed them for an installation he's doing. He brought me this muffin..

The blue licquorice allsort inspired me to buy some black jacks which are making my whole mouth black as I type. Do you remember this Jensen cover..

It was a banger. To enjoy more of Mr Marley's work visit..


Make sure you click through the covers, there's an amazing cover Mitt has for Manual magazine. There will be more Jensen footage in the new edition of the Lakai dvd..

This is available to pre-order right now on our online store so get those orders in for some behind the scenes action. I got this text message the other day and it made me laugh..

The Rob Drydon Susie spoke of was Rob Dyrdek. I told Susie that he was not a batty man but is a skateboarding pimp in Righteous Kill the new Pacino and DeNiro movie. I watched this last night..

It was entertaining, Brad Pitt's character kills it. See you in the morrow

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