Friday, 29 February 2008

Fully stocked....

If you haven't seen Fully flared you should come in and have a watch downstairs, that and Static 3 are on heavy rotation. Every pro in the video got a board graphic and we have a pretty full quiver of them. Check these boards from Blueprint, Girl, Chocolate, Expedition and Cliche

Yes Jesus Jensen!... Jerome and the kind people at Shiner hooked us up with this sick Krooked cruiser signed for us by the Gonz himself. It'll be on the pillar next time you come in.

There's rumours of a new display being built downstairs in order to show off a few of the more unusual boards we get in like this one or the Shut Assault Vehicle. Give Jake's alley a look in tomorrow and you can see what goods Yaptain Streetwear has selected for you. Garms the Yaptain feels he can endorse will be beamed onto your computer screen on a weekly basis from now on. He's picked this weeks outfit out already

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