Thursday, 9 July 2009

Major linkage

Before the next two blogs make their way into the links bar they require an introduction. The ever expanding Worthless/Raggotech empire now has a blog and a TV channel/film making venture to add to the arsenal.

For amusing updates from Worthless himself and Raggotech news as it breaks Click here My favourite post is the one about the spider. Keep an eye out for big Marls up on there too. See the new Worthless TV video offering here...

The next blog needing linkage, your attention and a bookmark is Oliver's. He is the newest Slam employee. What has fast become his main occupation is his work as a tattoo artist. You may have spied his work on more than a few skateboarders in London town after perusing the pictures on his blog. If you are looking to get something new you may have found your man. He's become busy very quickly so I'd hit him up soon if you do. To check out his work Click here Anytime you wish to re-visit either of these look in the extended family section to your right, they'll be permanent fixtures. Here's a heads up on an exhibition opening soon you should go and see...

an exhibition to tie in with the coming Mike blabac book. I'm going to get some shut eye now before I get zorbed down a hill tomorrow.

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