Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gather around the projector

Here is a pure holiday snap fest of things which caught my eye...

Hayle at night.

Porthleven-make a wish.

Porthleven-high tide.

Yesterday we visited Pin and coffee and went out for dinner...

Pin's hill-Penzance

House on Pin's hill-Penzance



Harbour-Penzance. Lev is filming, if you look closely it looks like he's pissing a rainbow.

Lobster pots-Land's End.

Land's End

Boats-Land's End

Cape Cornwall-The Cape is the point at which Atlantic currents split, either going south up the English Channel, or north into the Bristol Channel and Irish Sea. A little known fact is the definition as to what a "cape" really is - it is a headland where two oceans or channels meet. In this case the English Channel and St George's Channel. It is the only cape in England.

The Brisons-known locally as "General de Gaulle in his bath". See you tonight...