Monday, 21 March 2011

"Charlie Young is Young"

Classic Skinner quote there, he happened to be year older yesterday-congrats. Thoroughly enjoyed the night put on by Henry over at the excellent
Grey Magazine
Hold Tight Henry's edit was really sick, reminded of the days when bits of R.B Umali footage would creep out pre internet overload. Looking forward to seeing it again-keep an eye out. Enjoyed the Minuit video with live Toddy commentary too. Here's a sneak at a Charlie photo from the mag...

and here's a pap snapped one I shot with my phone that night timing the flash...

Been waiting to put that up for ages. Good work to everyone who made it out on a Sunday, most notably a Cates and a Pulman and Yeah Skateboarding! Oh yeah-check the Palace NY trip photos on Smasher's

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