Sunday, 18 September 2011


Walking into Holland and Barratt this morning I accidentally kicked something on my way over the welcome mat. Not particularly phased by whatever it was I carried on towards the flapjack section until a shrieking/gargling sound came out of a hysterical woman i'd passed. "Eurgh! Agh! Shop Keeper! Till Man! Rat!" I glanced back, looked closer at whatever it was causing such a stir and to my dismay it was this poor little guy...

"That's not a rat, it's a mouse" I said and realised that my friend's demise was going to make purchasing a flapjack and a bottle of water before work impossible as all hands were feverishly on deck trying to figure out how to pick him up, I find the hand method works best but as I left he was being approached with an empty sandwich carton.

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