Friday, 13 November 2009

"The only way to treat the common cold is with contempt"

I've been in bed hopped up on Lemsip for more than twenty four hours. Once or twice a year my hazardous germ ridden commute places a badly covered sneeze or cough too close and this is the result. Funnily enough, not really in a laugh out loud way, I was offered the flu jab a month or so ago. Immediately I said yes and why ever not? The nurse went to the fridge and pulled out the syringe. She seemed slightly surprised by my eagerness, I asked if it works and within three questions had derived that it makes you sick to start with and that only 15% of the staff at the doctor's had opted for the jab, herself not included. Needless to say I declined. This is what I need...

That and some soup

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