Monday, 8 February 2010

Two Weeks on Thursday

Another trailer to remind you ticket buyers out there...

Two weeks from this Thursday "This time tomorrow" will premiere at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square. Tickets are £4 and available from Slam. There will be a 9 and 10 pm showing. Tickets have started selling already so be sure to pick one up next time you're in. Had a fine old time last night over at the
Danny Sargent
headquarters. Heard some great songs I hadn't already and enjoyed hearing the addition of the Charlie Young mouth harp. This is my song of the day...

My conversation with Jonny L this morning inspired it's acquisition. You may know the intro from an old Fourstar catalogue. Mosty it reminds me of driving around SF in my friend Chris Lippi's truck he affectionately named "the bucket"

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