Wednesday, 4 November 2009

There is xerox on the inside of your eyelids

"There is Xerox on the insides of your eyelids" is the name of a travelling exhibition, that documents the creativity in skate zines that first sprang forth in the 80's. The show is curated by Rich Jacobs; a fan & zine maker.
The exhibition has visited London & New York (among other places)
& most recently Heerlen, in the Neatherlands; this printed booklet was produced to accompany that event. 1000 copies were produced...

“Most of the concrete skateparks erected in the late 1970s fell
under the bulldozer blade...

Around the same time, a new era in skateboard publishing got underway via Thrasher magazine- a small town newspaper-style publication out of San Francisco, California that was actually the sport’s first true zine.

In one of its early issues in 1981, a Thrasher editorial encouraged skateboarders to document their own scenes via the “do it yourself” approach.

The result was an explosion of photocopied skate zines… “
- taken from an introduction by Garry Davis.

Here's a little look inside...

featured artists include:
GSD, Tod Swank, Jawn Dettman, Bernie Mc Ginn, Neil Blender, Lance Mountain, Gavin & Corey O' Brien, Chris Johanson, Dan Eastabrook, Rodger Bridges, Phil Esbenshade, Andy Jenkins, Phread Conrad, Mark Gonzales, Jocko Weyland.

We have a little pile of that 1000 in Slam right now if you are keen to get your hands on this piece of history. They're £12

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Unknown said...

Wow! That was quite the story telling! Im quite amazed at all the things you've done! No wonder your soo happy! Well I hope you had your fun and excitement. In the mean while, as winters kicking in right now, we might be expecting some change! A change in weather hopefully to the better :} I dunno, some how reading about what you wrote makes me remember things that I never thought I would have ever remembered, funny how that works doesn't it??
Xerox 8400 ink

-Much LoVe