Thursday, 10 December 2009

Out there

Last night was amazing. Probably due to a lack of publicity I'd say the Garage was about a third full. We caught the end of dead confederate. Pleasant surprise last night was the wall of Stoner Rock provided by this band...

The San Franciscan sextet
Sleepy Sun
were instantly loveable. Moments of delicate beauty were carefully contrasted with rib shaking riffage and ascending percussion. This nicely set the scene for J Mascis and the Fog. Two minutes before they took the stage we sauntered into the spot we had stood in before three people from the front of the stage.Half way through the last song in Sleepy Sun's set Mascis walked out from backstage, stood next to us, listened for a second and disappeared again. That's the kind of show it was the opposite to the last time I saw him play where a drink/toilet break left you back to square one, stranded behind a sea of humans. The stack of Marshall amps looming in the corner of the stage were soon given a work out. J Mascis and the fog put on quite a performance. They covered a great deal of their material as a band with hardly a whisper between songs. Mascis looked happiest stood in front of those amps working his way through improvised solos which were my favourite part. The unmistakeable familiar noise he has feels like home, there were a lot of smiling faces in the crowd. Some Dinosaur Jr tracks got a run out towards the end my favourites being Freak scene, thumb and the final encore the title of today's post. I'm happy I got to see him play in that kind of situation, it was pretty special. Enough music nerd stuff for today. If you have randomly researched any kind of web space for the PWBC of late you may have found yourself knee deep in shuttlecocks at the Paddock Wood Badmington Club headquarters. No longer. Bookmarks at the ready. Rob set up a Blog and enlisted a group of authors including myself so it could be a mammoth, regularly updated affair. Click away for all PWBC related nonsense

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Lina said...

Sounds amazing, gutted I missed it as clearly it wasn't a matter off 'sold out'. :(