Friday, 28 May 2010

What is beef?

Chris Ault's frontside air dissing Rob Mathieson many moons ago now has an unlikely candidate hurling similar slurs back at him. Team mate Casper Brooker bringing the ruckus...

I doubt this is the last you've heard of this. Hopefully you've kept your diary free for this Sunday...

The same event happened last year. Banquet records and Slam City Skates joined forces to hold a massive game of S.K.A.T.E at the New Slang night in Kingston. This year it will be in thel Hippodrome. The prize money is £200 and there's a £50 best trick prize. Confirmed finalists are:

Nick Jensen (Blueprint, Lakai, Thunder, Fourstar, Spitfire)
Tom Knox (Blueprint, Emerica, Analog)
Olly Todd (Palace, eS, Krux)
Dom 'The Norwood Lion' Marley (Hassleblad)
Karim Bahktiou (Adidas)
Scott Howes (Enjoi, Nike SB, Slam City)
Jake Harris (Square One, White Heat)
Dave Wallace (osiris, death, nueu, dephect)
Elliot Rees Jones (Three Amigos)
Ben Coughlan (Recent Haunts in Sidewalk)

Predict who'll win and you stand to win £50 in the sweepstake too-fun for all the family! All the info you need to book tickets/find yourself there in the first place etc is
I'll see you there if anyone's up for giving me a lift?

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