Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Your questions answered?

There's a new film you may have heard a lot about...

Macho tail drop is set to premiere here and you can go...

The UK Premiere of eS Machotaildrop is next Thursday June 3rd at The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Sq. we have tickets in the shop for £5 each. Here's the

Are you all finished up with Lost? Happy? Unhappy? I didn't do the dedicated 5 in the morning religious season/series ender> I may finish it off for myself tonight. If you are one of the many people who took down series one and two and then gave up (much as I did with Prison Break) then this little internet gem may cause you to cancel seasons 3,4 and 5 off your lovefilm list. I'm personally glad I kept up but this is hilarious nevertheless...

I'm actually looking forward to catching a train tonight due to this
Oliver Macintosh
library loan

It's kind of like our bike gang so far

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Stiles said...

So the island in Lost was an after death purgatory (the dimension next up from our 3D world) where they work out personal problems/insecurities so they can "let go" and move on to whatevers next? so all the unanswered shite is just that... shite: their disillusionment and fears manifesting, i dont think theres any answers, just a flawed plot.