Wednesday, 10 November 2010


It's been in a little while now...

The latest Krooked release is a gem. Feverishly tearing a video out of it's wrapping and watching it instantly is sadly a thing of the past. I caught bits of it, the instant gratification we used to enjoy became a thing of the past the day the old upstairs tele died because we put on the football. You need this...

It succeeds in making skateboarding look fun. I took a 3d viewing in with Jackson last night, whilst it isn't Avatar, certain moments will have you wowing. My opinion is the same as Mark's that I prefer many of the camera angles in the 2d edit so it's good you have both, one favouring the 3d and one the skating it seems. While eating my lunch out the back I sadly overheard a group of kids critiquing it for the first time the other day. Average age twelve I'd say. One uttered the gutteral "look at me i'm a wildman" laugh of the streets and then said "Rah blud that is jokes, look at the old man, the old man is skating, what's he doing?" His friend brought him down to earth as a consumer by saying "You're dumb, that man gets bare free Adidas and Krooked" What are we up against? It's a rarity to say in this day and age but a statement that shows Krooked doing it ever so right once again-this video will make you want to go and skate! Buy it

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