Sunday, 8 February 2009

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

~Berthold Auerbach
We washed the dust away last night at Leo's Drop A Gem on them night. There was a lot of jumping up and down, the central theme of the frivolity was Biggie Smalls. Will Harmon, Dr Chilli Sauce Boss is trying to organise a mass outing to see this..

I've managed to see it but can see that a crew outing would be fun. 'What kind of grown-ass man calls himself "Puffy?"' I caught two other friends playing decent hip-hop earlier in the week..

Lev and Joey reigned in the wheels of steel at the Macbeth on Friday. Hops was in here yesterday but it was busy and nobody had time to spare. In a bid for attention he backflipped off the counter!

Okay the Jake's Alley games of skate continue. Two were beamed to you last week and the same will happen this week in spite of our bad weather. Congratulations go out there to this guy..

Benny dominated that last game of skate against Ellington at the Berrics. We were hoping to bring you the Ches vs Nugget game this week. There was a no show from a certain contestant though..

Luckily Rory and Brady were both in the building meaning their game got to be played out. Despite injuries Rory obliged and the pain didn't seem to hinder him. I'll tell you now that it was a heavy game and a pleasure to watch. Here's a bizarrely framed picture of the two of them..

The handshake doesn't suggest who of the two of them took the game either..

Bad ankle and a shiner, don't watch that. Also this week will be the Lev vs Scott Howes game which was also a lengthy trick after trick battle. We'll keep you posted about the Alien vid and give you enough time to get down here. See you then

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