Friday, 6 February 2009

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

-Dorothea Lange

Friends of ours are often busy attempting to hold life still. Last night the products of two of those friends endeavours were exhibited and curated in London town by this guy..

Best is a gentleman and a scholar. To read about the exhibition visit this link..

Here are their names in lights. Not in lights but on a window, as good as in lights..

The friends in question were of course..

..Ches with his selection of photographed plaques. This project takes place when he finds a window away from being consumed by the games of S.K.A.T.E in the alley. Moonlighting basically. The other friend of ours in the show was Retts Wood..

..Pictured in front of the images she has captured on her travels. Retts' father used to be my brother's headmaster. Thought I'd share that with you. Who else was in attendance? Rob made it there before nipping off to France..

Rob leaves and this guy arrives back from Chile..

Smig was out..

Tom enjoyed his pre weekend drinks..

Edson, Stu and Toddy..

Uh oh..

Louise was zipping around the city in her motor car..

Nugget and Tamsin could be siblings..

I didn't make the show unfortunately, I am merely your guide. All of these images are courtesy of Marshall. Hops was there..

He was exhilarated after the bungee jump he did for charity..

Neil offered his support from the ground too. You got to live vicariously through our last evening's events earlier or bi-curiously if Jereme Rogers was at the keypad. Now i'll show you photos from the previous evening. Dan, Vaughan, Charles and myself went to see Massey's band play at the Water Rats. Massey's bass pounds throughout each track..

and Ali runs the show..

It took a lot of photos for me to get any I was happy with. Here's a happy Massey I liked..

The one I was happiest with is this one because the stage lights gave Ali a kind of halo..

A new compilation cd called 'Broken heart in Paris" features a Ghostcat tune. In the Rough Trade review of the album they said that Ghostcat "blend the best bits of Blondie and Gossip". That is a good review, a healthy crowd showed up to see them too. Massey is smashing it. Here's a trailer to get you amped for the imminent showing of the latest Alien Workshop release..

The plan is to show it downstairs at six tomorrow. Please call to check first if you're travelling in especially as weather has caused problems with our mail. We are hoping all goes ahead as planned. See you then

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