Monday, 23 February 2009

Tip off

One restaurant we're backing at Jake's Alley headquarters is the spiritual home of good chicken. You guessed it..

Extensive research has helped me to develop a new uber sauce using only the condiments supplied in any one of their restaurants. What you need to do is acquire one of these sauce bottles..

This is to be your base. It's a fail safe on it's own and used to be my go to of choice. Later on I branched out and would only use the next bottle I'll show you. Apply the wild herb to your plate liberally and then add..

Always good to get some garlic in there, like the wild herb it's a little spicy too. Maybe apply a little less than you did the wild herb. This combo is pretty good on it's own. Depending on your mind set the next move is up to you. The hot sauce is amazing and I would recommend that as your third party . Recently stringent testing has involved..

You don't even need that much, mix it all together and get involved. Don't say I never do anything for you. This is better than that secret recipe that pesky colonel will never give away .

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