Saturday, 28 February 2009

Obi-Wan Luigi..'re Slam's only hope! Late entry to the game of S.K.A.T.E was allowed as Luigi takes Baines' place. Our last hope of shop staff success, he will go neck and neck (pun intended) with Jak Pietryga. He's memorising the lyrics to juicy in faint hope that his challenge will be to recite the words to juicy..

He did the walk to El Burrito the new lunch spot of choice only to find it was closed today. Just a short fruitless walk to Goodge street. He's still in good spirits. "Look arrogant" I said..

Good luck tomorrow mate. A heavy surprise crew greeted us last night. Stu Bentley, Percy, Howard Cooke and Joel O Connor. Powerful! Percy was still feeling powerful this afternoon..

I'm going to a Christening tomorrow which will be fun. I'm going to miss top boy Dan Henshaw's bday drinks this evening though. Have a good one..

Rob drew this offensive action figure on Baines' box which was sent out yesterday..

Good work Rob. Thought I'd 8 mile myself with that photo. It's been busy in here these last few days. We have a far more attractive complete set-up selection for you..

which has proved to be popular, it's far more workable. One last little rant and I'll be off. Apart from the Soprano's this is still the best thing out..

It's going off!

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