Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ramp of Doom!

We'd had a good skate in the day time and received a tip off that this young lady was playing a free in-store at Rough Trade in Brick Lane..

Her name's Laura Marling and she's really very good. More about that later. On route Charlie nearly impaled himself on top of a fence but got away with it. It was a bending down to ollie/fart stone incident. We took the back way to the Rough trade shop. Toddy and I spotted a big piece of ply wood next to a metal stair case. It was too good to be true. Years back little Joe coined the phrase "ramp of doom!" Said ramp involves a floppy piece of ply laid down some stairs and ridden down. The wood we found fit snugly into the stair space but was longer than the height of them. I got involved. As soon as you put your weight on the top of the ply it literally levelled out flat. Next I had to trust the see-saw action as the weight of me on board rolling along smashed the bottom of it to the floor and pitched me down and along the pavement. Great fun! Toddy was next to ride the wave and had a similarly enjoyable experience. Unfortunately the clatter we were making attracted a very aggressive security guard who proceeded to knock Charlie's phone out of his hand. We were happy to leave and go round the other way, I just thought it a shame the others didn't get to have a go. Charlie made a pretend police call to complain about the security guards treatment of us. The guy said he didn't care but looked like he was throbbing it a bit. "Call them" he said, "we will see who is light or long!" He certainly wasn't light in both senses of the word and the experience was certainly long. Anyhow we escaped their wrath and took in three of Laura Marling's newest songs. You should check her out, her existing album looks like this..

While I was there I also picked up a copy of this. Also well worth a look..

That's enough music nerd stuff for today. We have a new Slam New Era we put together for you. It's one of three we have coming. This one is the "felted". It's very swish and you need to get your hands on one. They are £29.95..

Our last order from the good people at Shiner came with a back issue of The Skateboard Mag from November. My ramp of doom buddy is in it in a Dekline tour article. Rocking a Slam shirt too..

He has a sick frontside flip photo in there..

Good work LT73. I'm worried Neil's confrontation with Hops has made him lose it a bit. Whilst updating the Alley just the other day he attacked me!..

Chill out Hops!

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