Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Everything must go

After a good stint punctuated with successful events and releases our Nike SB store in the basement is to close this Weekend. Prior to this a sale in the vein of our legendary warehouse ones of yore is to take place. Hopefully it will be up and running come the end of the day ready for some action in the morning. Blanket pricing and well organised sizing should aid your shopping experience. Reasonably current Nike SB styles will be as cheap as £30 with vast reductions across the board for other shoe brands. Tees will be as little as £5 and there'll be great deals on apparel so make sure you don't miss out this Weekend. This guy...

Arran Gregory, pictured there next to the massive mirrored realisation of our ever popular

Bear safe
T-Shirt which he designed, alerted me to his new
Pay him a visit. Finally good news from your favourite blog and mine. DC has been busy in the lab cooking up some marvelous Sh*t to get your mouth watering...

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Lina said...

Jake, do you do ladies size 3's?