Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Through the eyes of

Not Ruby but the eyes of our team riders all up on the Sidewalk site. One of the hardest working men in British skateboarding is also perhaps the one who reps us the most, Blueprint's Neil Smith...

Slam is steadily repped in his day in the life which you can watch
Fellow Slam team mate Landscape's Rory Milanes...

Also has a through the eyes of on there which you can watch
It's nice having this kind of immediate media surrounding UK talent and getting a little tour of their lives, good work HTH. We have some new Nike SB on the shelves...

Which is amazing considering the hive of activity this place has been the last few days...

Downstairs as a Nike SB pop up shop is no longer. Hops demolished it yesterday and we even chuckle brothers'd the Nike Chesterfield upstairs. Work is underway to erect the new installment. It's to be an Emerica/ Altamont showcase. Here's some pertinent info from the press release as well as a quote from Gareth...

Setting up camp in the Slam’s Covent Garden basement, complete with a full
refurb and unique custom shop-fit, Emerica and Altamont will present the
largest selection of their products available under one roof anywhere in
Europe. Team-rider driven and inspired, the space will also feature
exclusive hardware releases from the Emerica and Altamont team’s board
sponsors, in a luxurious lounge-style environment.

“Emerica and Altamont represent skateboarding at its rawest. We have had a
great relationship with these guys for years and felt they are the perfect
partners to work with on a bigger project. We are stoked on what is to
come!” - Gareth Skewis, Slam City Skates owner.

More news as I have it for you. Look at what my friend V gave me yesterday...

Stoked! I'll be cracking him open after lunch. Coincidentally I found out that Potato was the first three syllable word her son Rocky said, it's a useful one

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