Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Media Hype, Cuban Linkage

The new Kingpin has been kicking about, we'll have some soon. Will Harmon has our copy, he has a good
This Time Tomorrow
related sequence in there. With his next video part less than two weeks away
Nick Jensen
dominates this month's cover...

Fellow team mate
Kevin Coakley
has a good picture in there too...

Unfortunately we sold out of the Jake's Alley loves
Lola The Dog
shirts, maybe we should make some more, some white ones.
Benny Fairfax
has a really good picture too, a mean front shuv...

Benny will be back in a couple of weeks for the Palace soiree.
Lucien Clarke
has something in there too but the mag has left the building. Coakley in Kingpin repping a Slam shirt and also thanks to a heads up from Jerome over at Shiner we have some love from Tony Manfre in our favourite American online
Good lad...

Get your Slam shirts

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