Saturday, 11 April 2009

Charlie don't surf

He bloody does..

He's catching waves in Cornwall as we speak. Ash is getting tubular too. This weather may not be ideal for shredding but it may spice up the water for them. Nick dropped by yesterday, he's test driving one of the new Slam boards for us..

Have you ever wondered why your sandwich occasionally comes back from a Luigi errand without the required sauce? I have, it's because they don't understand what he has asked for..

Grace, Jonny L and myself went on a skate park reconnaissance mission yesterday. Weather meant rolling around was not on the menu. Seeking some kind of thrill I rolled down the wet roll in on my feet. Expecting a grippy controlled slide I took some weight of my feet. This resulted in a Mr Wilson woop de woop to barrel roll into a puddle. Minutes later Jon had a straight Mr Wilson to flat on his back attempting a slide on a bank. Any which way to get those endorphins flowing in our current climate. This apres slam shocker nearly crippled my weekend..

The salad cart is good but not that good. Keep your eyes peeled for the Easter Beagle tomorrow.

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