Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Life beats down and crushes the soul..

..and art reminds you that you have one. That anonymous quote rings true. Quite often I'll find myself feeling weathered at the end of a long day and a glance at a forgotten moment in time will bring a smile to my face. Pizzers good humour in the face of adversity litters my surroundings..

I found this stuck to the bottom of something the other day. It is one of my own creations from when I first started here..

I photographed this to lead into showing you what this post is really orchestrated around. Resident artist of all types Rob has a high creative output. Yesterday a lot of things were modified. I'll show you a couple, one has to be saved for a concept he has for a show. With the loving assistance of Stuart Hammond Nick Jensen got a superfly makeover in this Blueprint ad..

Rob has just joined Nick and his afro comb in BCN, hope the weather reports are wrong as is usually the case. Rob left expecting four days of showers. After Nick had a going over Rob turned his attention to Silas Baxter Neal and made him really go to war with this flat bar..

The shadow is my favourite bit. I'll be sad when my board is done this time round. My rig this time round houses the best sticker I've ever owned..

A beagle, can you believe it? Yeah dogs!

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