Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hop, skip and jump

The game of skate went down again in the Alley today. Working with limited space now due to the pipes below us being replaced the show still went on. Round two saw Lucien turn up with his trainer Dom Marley. "He's my boy" I've often heard big Marls say over the years...

His opponent? Man of the hour Gabriel Pluckrose AKA Nugget pictured here receiving advice and derision from Rob...

Rob enjoys trying to capture people mid trick as I've mentioned before. Some of these are a mug off like this one of a rocket up Nuggets behind..

Others don't do things justice. We know Lucien has a notoriously good switch pop shuv..

and Nugget has a banging switch heel..

Ches caught the event on camera dressed as Callow and even in his jacket..

One punch attended quite a few games in the early stages of the competition. It was good to see him today assisting big Marls..

Nugget made friends and influenced people..

spent a little time on the floor..

and grappled with some tricks which may not have been his favourites..

This photo looks like it could have been taken years ago. Best game out-watch this space!

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Greenback said...

What's that hat Ches has got on?