Friday, 3 April 2009

“Wealth falls on some men as a copper down a drain”

So said the Roman philosopher Seneca. Wish some would fall on me. The drainage outside has been having some maintenance of late, pipes are being replaced. The cheese shop round the corner can smell pretty bad some mornings but recently it has been over powered by the stench coming from one of the drains..

A customer notified us of the cause as it was uncovered by the workmen. It seems some unorthodox refuse discarded by our clientele has been the cause of another type of smell lingering by the Alleys mouth..

Funny, we had a free standing curb outside for a second too. Not quite a small childs coffin topped with pool coping but still. your favourite Australian and now LA resident Andrew Brophy has an interview in the latest Skateboarder..

Here's a beast of a crookie monster for you..

Rob left his helmet on the counter just long enough for our Rob to doctor it with some sticker and scissors magic..

Never a dull moment

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