Saturday, 4 April 2009

"Rest, the sweet sauce of labour"

So said the Greek author Plutarch. I have some rest coming up which will be timely, I'm hoping to spend some time outdoors. This isn't the reason for the quote above, it is inspired by another sweet sauce I have bumped heads with today. Ben Bodilly brought this in for me yesterday..

I think Supra did a shoe based around this condiment. "My life is in these bottles" it reads above the label. I enjoyed some Stubbs barbecue sauce with my burrito earlier and it was banging! In a later post I'll tell you a bit more about some eateries we've visited lately. Some things I am surrounded by I pay little notice to. Stickers and pictures build up behind this counter. Here's something I look at every day but familiarity has made my eyes numb to its content. I took a step back earlier, enjoy..

Slash thinks it's pretty cool. This isn't as good as the clipping our French visitor Vivian fanned out about. This clipping is long gone but its legacy lives on. The exact wording of the headline I forget. I think it was along the lines of "Girls leg broken in penis pump row" It used to make his day every time he came in here. Have fun outdoors this weekend, I would.

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