Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Whilst enjoying a night cap after a day of amusement in my local with old friends I heard something I'm still smiling about now. The Arsenal-Liverpool game score updates were visible in the corner of the pub. In between serving myself and my friend Joel the barman ducked round the corner to check the progress of the match. Excitedly he returned with news "It's 4-4!" he exclaimed. Propping up the bar and in all seriousness a punter asked "who to?" "You couldn't write the script!' was Joels response. Funny stuff. What do I have for you today apart from this anecdote? In amongst our hardware order that arrived the other day were some hidden gems. Have a look..

Promoting healthy lifestyles as always, get your money melons, ash tray and bottle openers here. Rob directed my attention to this clip linked from the Sidewalk message board. Figuring that some of you out there reading this may not frequent the message boards I felt it my duty to share this bike madness with you. Up a tree?..

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