Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Jake's eye view

This is what will be beamed into my eyeballs regularly from now on...

Thanks to a tip off from Max I picked up my new whip from A.J Hudson in Bromley with a little help from Jonny l. The maiden voyage was a lot of fun and today was the trip to work test. All went smoothly I'm happy to report so I'll make my introductions. Here she is "The Mule"...

I'm going to quickly brush my teeth before I go out. On second thoughts...

Next I went looking for a good image of shop before I told you about the team page. Then when I came across this...

and saw Dan Callow in the foreground having a read it jogged my memory that I hadn't directed you in the direction of him and the phantom foot washer yet. The new Zic escapades are live
As promised the Team page is steadily being pimped by our Ches. So far
Rob Mathieson
has a clip, filmed only this morning as does
Karim Bakhtaoui
and the first one that went up was from
Neil Smith
Make sure you have a good click around on their pin boards, you never know what you might find

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