Tuesday, 27 April 2010

"The road of excess...

...leads to the palace of wisdom" William Blake

The road of excess will be the one most travelled tomorrow night in aid of the Palace of skateboards but i'm sure all wisdom will be out the window come 10 pm. It's the Palace Skateboards party to celebrate Lucien Clarke being the second pro on the team sheet...

To win two tickets entitling you to join in the festivities simply visit the Slam City Skates
and answer the question via email on today's news feed. Answers will be accepted till noon tomorrow and then the winner's will be announced. What an amazing day it is, this kind of day...

Hope you're out there enjoying it. Make sure you click on the top left window of Jackson's
page for this Weekend past's activities. Notch Vs Zic could be on again tomorrow

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