Wednesday, 6 January 2010

For your viewing pleasure

I imagine you'll be snowed in tomorrow and at a loose end so I have a little compilation of things to look at I've enjoyed recently. First of all pop over to the
Black Glove
to see Ben Dominguez take a break from VX duties and enjoy some icy Stockwell time in front of Shier's lens. Other Blueprint related exposure continues over at
The Berrics
where you'll catch a glimpse of another man usually capturing footage getting his Text Yoself request on. Third London based filmer in today's post Brooks made a nice edit of the most recent Crossfire jam at Playstation. Have a look at that
That's a fair bit for you to be getting along with but there's more. Lev and I were discussing our favourite boards from days gone by and agreed that our favourite's were some of the boards this guy had out in the nineties...

The Ryan Gee/ Kalis partnership treated us yesterday. Check out this
Stoked! One last treat for you, Hops beat me to it but the more the merrier. Bromley skatepark local in Toby-esque escalator mishap...

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