Thursday, 21 January 2010

This time tomorrow

You may be aware that Chris Muhern's new video is soon to be released...

If not you are now. It's set to premiere in Philadelphia on the 5th of February and then here on the 25th at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square. There'll be a 9 and 10 pm showing. Tickets are available in Slam already, they are £4 each. Lucien Clarke, Steph Morgan and Rory Milanes have a heavy presence in the video, they've been filming hard for this one. There will also be parts from Devon Connell, Jimmy McDonald, Curtis Rapp, Dave Caddo, Brendan Granstrand and Will Harmon. Have a watch of the trailer...

then get yourself better acquainted with the project at the new
You can then get yourself a ticket tucked away for the 25th of February and have a surprise Thursday night out.

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