Friday, 8 January 2010

Lucien Clarke From Jamaica

Lucien has an interview in the latest Sidewalk. It's the best thing out in ages, every photo is a banger! His DVS ad gracing the playground in Bromley's Churchill gardens is top notch too. I won't give anything away about the interview apart from...

that's right, he's steady repping
You can get yourself one of those shirts from us whenever you feel the need. Be sure to pick up the latest Sidewalk to see what Lucien's been up to. Jackson has just bought an iphone. Judging by the gunfire and knife noises blowing up next to me he's not that excited about the app's. Check out some DJ action on another application he's acquired. Maybe an iphone orchestrated Jackson/Worthless collaboration could be on the cards ...

Have a good Weekend

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elkevino said...

nice shirt
notice very few 0 comments on your blog

how about a comment competition say a photo of a colour co-ordinated board and front door comp.

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