Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Boxing Day skate

All went according to plan and the boxing day assault on Bromley town centre took place. Clan members from further afield joined us. Charlie, Rob, Hops, Cliff and little Joe all made the pilgrimage to the Churchill banks. A healthy crew made it out. Here's a photo courtesy of Andy May..

After the bank session we visited another bank, a bigger one. Good work by Nathan for getting everybody out. To see more pictures and some footage including me falling off a lot visit Hops' blog and look at his boxing day post here..

Claire Alleaume just dropped in the first issue of her zine Peppermint...

I'm sure if you mailed you could get your hands on one too. I liked the pictures but the words were all in French so I could only understand three in twenty. Imagine how good your Christmas would have been if you were to open this..

This blast from the past has been lurking inside the Alley cam for over a week now. I waited till after Christmas to show you because apparently the recipient is a reader of all things Slam and I didn't want to blow up his gift. Check it out..

Many set ups have left the shop this Christmas. A grip have left us today but I think this one is a favourite. Trust your Christmas holidays have been good and that you got in or get in a shred before the New Year

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