Friday, 12 December 2008

Initial reaction

We have some good news for you this weekend. New Stereo boards are in including three Olly Todd boards..

Also amongst this order was our box of Stereo boxsets..

I'll give you a little guided tour of the box..

It's a good thing and for that reason it won't be around for very long, they're flying out the door so make sure to snap one up while they're here. Toddy's box came with some added treats from the Thrasher office. Have a look at these Slap's..

Switch crook fest. The Keenan cover is sick. The back covers feature relevant ads..

This picture of Rueben has been here as long as me. It's getting more and more ravaged so I thought I'd immortalise it before anything happens to it...

Just before I fell asleep last night Jonny L dropped me around this jacket from the kind folk at Kingpin and also from the kind folk at Carhartt. I'm stoked on it..

Before I leave you to do as you will with your weekend I thought I'd share this with you. Rob brought my attention to this clip, we looked for a similar Christmas clip but to no avail. Enjoy this slightly late Halloween one instead..

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filled with video goodness for all your rainy day desires.