Wednesday, 17 December 2008

“Writing is a sweet, wonderful reward”

Franz Kafka said that and it's true. What got me thinking about sweet wonderful rewards was the confectionery outlet where i'm staying. It houses a new take on jelly beans..

Everyone knows that the jelly belly ones are the best but second best are the ones from the jelly bean factory. These they have here, this is nothing new to me but you get to choose flavours at this shop which is amazing. Usually I'd opt for an assorted pack and root through for the odd few I like only to have the good flavours neutered a second later by a rogue pina colada piece. There are tubes here and you twist the desired amount into your tub. This meant I got all the green apple and cinnamon I desired without fear of what may follow. Top notch. Thought I'd keep you in the loop. Have to wake up for a massage. See you soon


Ptite Claire said...

Where is this outlet?!
Sounds like a dream come true.

Cheese and Pickle said...

Now i will dream of Jelly beans!