Sunday, 21 December 2008

"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone"

That's what my main man Charles Schulz said. A few people have done a little something extra for us this year. Here are our Christmas cards so far..

There's one from Toby Patterson and a nice one from Anne and Pete. This one we had hand delivered yesterday..

Along with gifts..

From who? Your friend and ours..

Thank you Graham. Christmas wouldn't be the same without an automated voice asking about the January Thrasher. Whilst looking for something else I unearthed a card from a Christmas past. It was way back when. NDUK had been nick named the deathstar. Just like Dante and Randal's conversation about independent contractors in Clerks good people were onboard that space station. Embracing the nick name this card was received..

Here are the innards..

The man who penned the signature on the top right was spotted on X Factor in a Suburban Bliss Miles Davis shirt. Have a look..

Finally to encourage more post at Alley headquarters here's an overview of Postcards we've kept over the years which weren't culled at any point..

Mail makes our day. Enjoy your weekend

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