Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fingers Of Fury

Christmas is here. Jackson got his first card in the mail..

Our courier service sent him a card..

That personal touch. We did get some good mail. A thank you letter from Alfie, he drew a picture of me and Rob out skating too..

Nice one Alfie. Stocking fillers have been ordered for the Christmas rush. Here's a taster of some items winging their way to us. Looking for a new mug?..

For those of you with odd shaped stockings we have this classic piece..

as always I saved the best till last. Looking for a memory stick? Want it to look like a skateboard? Of course you do, one of these screaming hand USB sticks is on route..

There is an array of other bits and pieces so give us a look in at the weekend. Tolworth received a visit earlier in the week. The bowl there is amazing. I want to go there on a summer's day because falling off a frontside grind straight to my hip in Baltic conditions in the first five minutes wasn't much of a confidence builder. Jackson asked me to get some footage on the alley cam. All I got was this one line of Jaynesy...

Wax, money melons, stickers, jazzy bolts, air fresheners. You want it, we've got it!

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